Guide to Breast Augmentation Surgery in Delhi

There are many reasons to consider having the breast augmentation procedure. However, every reason is unique to you and your objectives, and there are many popular reasons why women opt for this highly sought-after cosmetic procedure.

Here in this article, we’ve mentioned 3 reasons to opt for breast augmentation surgery in Delhi;

  1. Breast augmentation surgery for small breasts

It’s perhaps the most common reason for breast augmentation. It is because you feel that your breasts aren’t big enough for your body. A balanced proportion can boost your confidence. It can also mean more appropriate clothing, as well as a slimmer profile and a more substantial cleavage in certain types of tops. The good news is that having smaller breasts can mean that the procedure for augmentation of your breasts is simple, and you’ll have plenty of options to get the size of your breasts you’d like through breast implant surgery.

  • How do I know what implant size looks most flattering with my body type?

Implants have different sizes than conventional bra sizes. Therefore you must rely on the expertise of your plastic surgeon in determining which size implant will fit your body best. It’s useful to have a photograph of your ideal size to ensure your surgeon can determine the correct implant.

  • What is the ideal age to get a breast augmentation?

It’s recommended to undergo breast augmentation after your breasts have fully developed and aren’t affected by things like pregnancy hormones or hormones. The FDA sets guidelines on how old you need to be in order to undergo specific implants. Your plastic surgeon will be able to discuss the options available to you.

  1. Breast Augmentation Surgery after weight loss

If you’ve gained or lost weight, you’re likely to see a loss of volume within your breasts. This is the consequence of the way that your body stores fat; however, it may feel as if your breasts haven’t been the way they were once. While breast augmentation is the ideal way to change your body shape and place your volume where you want it, however, the majority of breast augmentations following weight loss will require some assistance from a breast lift to move the breasts to restore them to a straighter posture. In addition to breast augmentation, we can suggest the best ways to add the final touches to your new look after losing weight.

  • What if I lose weight after a breast exam?

It’s possible that the implants won’t look like you would like they will if you shed weight following the breast augmentation. This is why it’s essential to shed weight prior to having cosmetic surgery.

  • How do I know what breast size is right for me after my weight loss?

Your surgeon will be able to give the most accurate recommendation as to what implant size is most suitable for you in light of your current figure.

  1. Breast augmentation surgery following breastfeeding

Breastfeeding and pregnancy can have a negative impact on your body, especially your breasts. Every woman experiences a variety of changes following childbirth, and breast augmentation has been among the top popular alternatives. One of the common side effects of breastfeeding is deflation, which means your breasts will be less youthful in volume. Implants for breasts are a fantastic option to rebuild some volume, but they might need to be combined with a breast lift to get optimal results.

  • How long after pregnancy can I start getting breast augmentation surgery in Delhi?

Each woman heals from childbirth at an individual rate, which is why it’s crucial to ensure that your body has recuperated and is back to its normal hormonal stage. This will ensure that you don’t experience any negative effects after the procedure is complete.

  • Do I need to be done with the breastfeeding procedure if I have breast augmentation surgery ?

Yes. The majority of plastic surgeons suggest stopping breastfeeding from ensuring that your breasts do not fluctuate due to hormonal changes that impact the outcomes. With the proper methods, breast augmentation will not hinder your future capacity to breastfeed, but it can affect your ability.


Breast augmentation remains the most requested surgical option for cosmetic enhancement every year. If you’re looking to go for Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Delhi, then schedule an appointment today. Dr. Pradeep Kumar Singh is well-known Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon in Delhi and the NCR area who is committed to helping both men and women look and feel they’re most attractive.

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