A Brief Overview on Hymenoplasty Surgery – Regain of Virginity

When the topic of virginity arises in any discussion, it’s generally a mixed message that’s communicated both religiously, politically, and educationally. If you do pay attention to it, it’s generally an aggressive or even possessive tone in the context of losing it. It is no wonder that women attempt every method to protect and regain their virginity, such as Kegel exercises or vagina tightening creams many more. Medical science and research have expressed that they are interested in this area, and that is the point at which Hymenoplasty is a part of the equation.

You’ll be amazed to find out that with Hymenoplasty you can regain your virginity, even after having “deflowered.” Well, it might be a shocker but it’s 100% true!

What is Hymenoplasty?

With the advancement of technology and science, it is now possible to have everything including a fresh nose, a strong jawline, lifted cheekbones, and sexy breasts, to a new female hymen. All you need is a skilled plastic surgeon. Hymenoplasty is a procedure for the reconstruction or restoration of the hymen. It’s also known as virginity surgery, hymenorrhaphy, or just hymen reconstructive surgery.

The terms virginity and hymen are connected. The Hymen is a band-like membrane within the female vagina that ruptures as a result of the sexual assault or intense exercise. This is the reason women undergo hymen reconstructive surgery because certain religions believe that the loss of virginity before marriage is considered taboo.

What’s the Hymenoplasty procedure?

Hymenorrhaphy is only performed with the help of a plastic surgeon. It is performed in the months or years following the woman has lost her virginity. The broken edges of the hymen are stitched to make them fresh as new. It is also possible to bleed on the first sexual contact following the procedure. This is a minor procedure that is performed under anesthesia. The patient is discharged within 5 to 6 hours following the procedure. The sutures used during the procedure will disappear on their own after a few days.

What are the advantages of Hymenoplasty?

For most women, hymenoplasty is an unnecessary expense however for others it can provide numerous benefits. These could include making the first evening of courtship memorable through regaining that traditional symbol of virginity and gaining the feeling of comfort and security. In certain cultures and religions, there is a certain amount of value given to virgins before their wedding. In those communities where hymen are considered to be proof of sexual status, the break of this can result in a social catastrophe. In these instances, the hymenoplasty procedure can be a lifesaver.

Who is a suitable candidate for Hymenoplasty?

Women who are healthy and who have realistic expectations regarding the procedure are the ideal candidates for the hymenoplasty. Hymen reconstruction can allow women to regain their virginity once more. If the woman is experiencing any troublesome relationship due to a rupture in the hymen experts recommend consulting the family as well as a counselor for the relationship in addition.

Do you have a chance of getting injured?

As of now, Hymenoplasty is not associated with any risk or complications that are associated with it. It is important to select the right plastic surgeon to perform the procedure. There is a slight chance of swelling and bleeding (outer area) but don’t be worried as it is caused due to the use of tiny sutures that dissolve during the procedure. As time passes, the swelling will diminish eventually.

Do you have a mark left over after this surgery?

No! When you are completely recovered from the surgery your hymen is now intact as it would be a natural one. There is no visible evidence of the operation.

How long does it take to fully recover from Hymenoplasty?

The patient can go back to work the next day, but full recovery takes about four weeks. Maintaining good hygiene and speaking with a reputable doctor during your recovery will help you get a lot of help.


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