5 Reasons Why Plastic Surgery Is More Popular Than Ever in 2022

It’s likely that you know someone who’s had cosmetic surgery. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably thinking about an aesthetic procedure for yourself.

The numbers aren’t lying. The numbers show that more people than ever before are thinking about and getting plastic surgery. Between 2017 and 2018 the number of procedures carried out has increased by nearly a quarter one million. In the last five years, the figures have steadily increased.

Why is plastic surgery becoming so nowadays?

Here are five reasons that could explain the recent surge of cosmetic surgeries.

  1. Plastic Surgery is More Accessible

At one time plastic surgery was viewed as a luxury only available to the incredibly wealthy or possibly the most famous. This isn’t the situation nowadays.

Although surgery remains costly, it’s now much easier to access for the average patient. This is especially true for households where both parents work, since they’re earning double the amount of single-breadwinner households of the past.

A variety of adaptable payment choices are also helping to allow plastic surgery to be more accessible to a larger population. There are now several credit options which are designed to assist patients pay for the cost of the procedure. Instead of coming up with a lump sum you can spread the cost of your surgery in instalments over time.

  1. Plastic Surgery is Becoming More Accepted

Another factor that is influencing the growth in the number of surgical procedures is that plastic surgery is now more accepted by society. People are frequently coming out and speaking openly about the procedures they’ve had. It’s not unusual to have friends discuss the possibility of having surgery with each other.

Social media could be a factor in the increasing recognition of plastic surgery. Many people are happy to share a photo on Instagram just after having Rhinoplasty or post their healing journey following a breast enhancement to friends on Facebook.

  1. People Are Spending More Time Looking at Themselves

With the advent of internet and social networks, as well as the advent of smartphones with cameras that face the user that allow users to spend longer looking around themselves, than before. Although you could still take numerous photos of yourself using a traditional movie camera, you needed to send your film into a lab, and then wait at least an hour to wait for your images to be returned. But, now alll you have to do is press the phone’s button.

With everyone snapping more photos of them, people are more likely to be able to see the flaws in their appearance or the areas they’d like to improve.

  1. Plastic Surgery Has Gotten Better

With the advancement of technology and improved procedures, the results of plastic surgery are getting better. There are no longer the “windswept” faces common after the old-fashioned facelifts. Nowadays, the results of surgery tend to appear more natural.

Furthermore, the advancement of technology of cosmetic medicine has meant that in some instances the procedure isn’t as complicated as it was in the past. The incisions may be smaller, which means less scarring, and faster recovery. In some cases there may not be a need to undergo surgery at all. For instance, certain patients may benefit from opting for non-surgical Coolsculpting rather than liposuction.

  1. People Understand the Health Benefits of Plastic Surgery More

Another factor that has contributed to the rise in popularisation of cosmetic procedures is that people are more knowledgeable about it than they were earlier. At the time the public was often of the opinion the procedure was just done for aesthetic reasons. They were not aware that there could be an actual health benefit or functional advantage of a particular procedure.

While certain procedures are solely cosmetic, some surgeries can be useful and positively impact the quality of life of a patient. Rhinoplasty can aid in improving breathing, which allows patients to rest better and exercise in a more secure manner. Reduced breasts can aid in easing shoulder and back pain. Body lift procedures are able to help remove the excess skin after weight loss, which reduces the chance of chafing as well as skin infections.

If anyone you know has had surgery for a cosmetic issue or you’re interested in a specific procedure there’s no reason to be alone. A lot of people are giving surgery serious thought and contemplation.

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