Risk and Cost of Breast Reconstruction Surgery in India

Breast Reconstruction Surgery is a procedure for women who’ve had a mastectomy and have had their breasts removed. The procedure is also done following lumpectomy, where a significant portion of the tissue is removed, and the breast(s) are reduced to the size they were original. The procedure is carried out by an expert plastic surgeon. The surgeon alters the breast mound to give it its exact dimension and shape. The areola and the nipple may become a part of the surgery. Patients may require multiple surgeries to ensure a correct reconstruction.

Types of Breast Reconstruction Surgery Available:

  1. Breast implant –  where the breast shape is made using implants (filled with saline or silicone).
  1. Using the patient’s tissue – The breast is made by using fat, tissues, and skin that are from another area of the body. It is a more intricate procedure.
  1. Utilising both the implant and tissue of the patient – when the breast shape is made by using silicone implants as well as the fat, tissues, and skin of the body of the patient.

When do I have the opportunity to have Breast Reconstruction Surgery done?

  1. Instant reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is completed immediately following mastectomy, or after a certain period. Instant reconstruction is performed right after a mastectomy. With this procedure, you don’t suffer more scarring than delayed reconstruction, and it also improves your breast’s appearance. Sometimes, it’s possible to maintain the nipple.

  1. Delayed Reconstruction

Delayed reconstruction may occur at any time after the mastectomy has been completed. The patient may delay for years before having reconstruction. The procedure is not delayed by other cancer treatments, like radiotherapy due to the longer time needed to heal.

Who can perform Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

The breast reconstruction procedure is carried out by plastic surgeons. It is usually performed by oculoplastic surgeons because they have been trained in both breast reconstruction and cancer surgery. Sometimes, microsurgery is needed to reconstruct breasts, and it is carried out by a surgeon that specializes in microsurgery.

What are the risks associated with breast reconstruction surgery?

There are many dangers associated with reconstructing breasts such as –

  1. The patient could be suffering from heart issues or difficulty breathing because of the anesthesia.
  2. There is a risk of an infection developing in the wound, however, this is treatable with antibiotics.
  3. There is bleeding or bruising around the area of surgery as well as the location from which the tissue was removed.
  4. The surgery can cause chronic pain.
  5. Scars from breast reconstruction surgery are not healed even after a long period and are known as keloid scars.
  6. Seroma is the term used to describe fluid that accumulates within the wound.

What is the cost of breast Reconstruction?

The price for Breast reconstruction in India ranges between 100,000 – 300,000 rupees. It is contingent upon the kind of breast surgery performed and the time taken to perform – either immediately or after a certain period of period.


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