Chin Augmentation in Delhi – All That You Need to Know

It can be a bit depressing to have a chin that does not make you feel confident about the overall appearance of your jawline. It is possible that you are searching for an answer to this issue and to improve the appearance of your chin to enhance your overall facial look.

We offer a solution and it’s known as Chin Augmentation. This procedure will help you reach your goals in relation to the shape and appearance of your chin, and in harmony with your facial features. It’s very fashionable these days.

If you’re looking for Chin Augmentation in Delhi, you can totally trust Dr. Pradeep Kumar Singh​ for the results you’re looking for.

A Chin enhancement is used to achieve:

  • Bigger Chin
  • For letting the chin or jawline stand out more on the face.
  • In order to make the chin appear to be proportional to jawline and the face, resulting in an overall balance to the facial features

You may opt for an Chin Augmentation in Delhi in the following cases:

  • There is a receding chin
  • You have a square or pointed chin
  • Your nose is too large when compared to your cheeks
  • You have a neck that is supple
  • You are in top physical health
  • You don’t have hypertension or cardiac issues.

When you visit our clinic, you may be recommended to undergo Chin Reconstruction in conjunction with Rhinoplasty or the use of a nose-job to increase the appearance and get a more harmonious and beautiful facial appearance.

What’s the Process of Chin Augmentation?

Chin Enhancement in Delhi is done to improve the appearance of a receding or weak chin to make it appear more attractive and bring the shape into harmony with the other facial features. Implants are employed to achieve these results composed of silicon or other synthetic substances. We make use of general anaesthesia during the procedure. After that, an incision is made within the mouth, either along the gum line below or outwards, directly below the chin. The excess tissue or bone is reshaped if the requirement is there, and they are then tapered on each side of the chin, giving the chin a fresh and improved form.

Chin Augmentation is also accomplished with dermal fillers or fat grafting instead of implants, in cases where the patient has diminished the volume and soft tissue around the chin and is able to alter the shape. In the case of fat grafting, a patient’s own fats are taken from one of their body’s parts and then placed under skin tissue. Similar to dermal fillers, they are synthetic materials composed of Hyaluronic acid that is a great option to get an augmentation of the chin!


If you have questions regarding Chin Augmentation, we are ready to help you resolve your doubts prior to deciding to have the surgery. Contact us for a consultation now.

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