Right Time to Consider Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is considered among the top of all procedures for plastic surgery with regards to satisfaction of the patient. It is not just a way to help to reduce or remove neck and shoulder pains due to the weight of your breasts, it can also boost confidence in yourself, encourage you to fitness and improve the shape and fit of bras and clothing that are available off the rack.

Breast Reduction Surgery or Lifting your Breasts?

Most women aren’t aware that a reduction of the breasts comes with an annual breast lift. It happens always, without exceptions! Research suggests that the improvement in symptoms could be linked to the elimination of excess weight as well as lifting the breasts to the correct posture on the chest.

As we age, and often due to genetics or pregnancy weight gain, breasts that are heavy can slide beneath the height of ribs that are over the abdomen. This can cause unbalanced posture and cause the shoulders to move forward, which affects the back’s upper and lower muscles, which strain to support the forward-bending in the chest. Many physical therapists and chiropractors are aware of the way the size and shape of the breasts affect back pain for their patients.

It might be beneficial to visit one of these doctors to understand which parts of your posture can cause back pain and whether the size of your breasts and the position they are in is an issue. In most cases there is a need to see a doctor if you experience back pain due to the size of your breasts, then the procedure will be covered by insurance.

When is the ideal time to have breast reduction surgery?

For women younger than teens, it’s beneficial to wait until puberty, when the breasts have fully formed. However, there are situations where a breast reduction could be performed prior to that period. Discuss with your paediatrician and an orthopaedic plastic surgeon for children for advice on whether a reduction of the breast is suitable for a patient younger than 17 years old.

The growth of breasts is mostly influenced by hormonal changes like menopausal changes, pregnancy, puberty and certain medical drugs. The surgeon you consult with can help determine the right time to undergo a reduction in your breasts due to these conditions. The weight changes can impact the breasts, however many times, even after substantial weight reduction, the breasts are still massive.

A large amount of breast tissue could cause shoulder and back pain or shoulder discomfort from bras or rashes beneath the breast. If you’re working towards losing weight, consult an aesthetic surgeon to decide the best time to wait until you’ve reached your weight goal to get the reduction. Perhaps getting the reduction of your breasts in your weight loss journey can help you lose weight , by making exercise more enjoyable.

Every breast surgery – and breast reduction surgery isn’t an exclusion – could affect breastfeeding. If you’re looking to become breastfeeding in the near future, it is recommended to wait until you’ve had children in order to reduce the size.

Is there a perfect measurement to ease discomfort?

Reducing the overall weight and lifting the breasts is likely to relieve the majority of patients. The size of the final breast is usually dependent on the patient’s preference and security. Speaking to your plastic surgeon who is board certified regarding your objectives and what size is appropriate for your body shape is vital.

A heavy breast can put an enormous amount of stress on shoulders and back. It’s important to not be selfish in wanting it to disappear! If your breasts are creating shoulder and back pains, the bra straps create wrinkles in your shoulders, or you are experiencing persistent rashes under your breasts, get advice from an experienced plastic surgeon who is board certified. It’s likely that a reduction in your breasts could aid in reducing the pain.

Final Thoughts

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