Everything You Need to Know About Chin Augmentation Surgery

The appearance of a “weak” or receding chin could make you feel uneasy or uncomfortable about your appearance. A strong chin is typically associated with strength or determination, and an unbalanced chin can be linked with negative characteristics.

This is why people look into chin augmentation as a method to improve their appearance and increase their physical appearance.

Chin Augmentation/reduction surgery principles

Chin Implant surgery is generally an outpatient procedure that can be done using general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia and sedation. There aren’t any external incisions or scarring required. The procedure is usually less than an hour.

The doctor will talk to you regarding your ideal profile and will help you select the suitable implant ideal for you. Implants are made of silicone and feel identical to normal bone. The implant forms around the angle of your existing cheekbone, which corrects the shape of your jaw.

The surgeon inserts the surgical implant within your lower lip close to the gingiva line. He creates an incision large enough to allow the implant to slide through. He places it precisely at the centre of your chin. He then adjusts it until the appearance and feel are as normal.

The final step is closing the mouth opening using tiny sutures. then you are able to go back to your home when the anaesthesia or sedation wears off.

Recovering after Chin Augmentation/reduction

Be sure to have additional pillows or think about raising the head of your mattress. You’ll have to lie in a position and prop your head up several weeks following your chin augmentation surgery to reduce pressure applied to your incision and limit swelling after surgery.

Your doctor will notify you when you need to stick to a liquid diet for one or two days; however, you are able to return to your usual eating habits. Avoid any strenuous exercise for three to four weeks. And if you’re taking any medications regularly, ensure that you consult your physician prior to surgery so that they don’t hinder the healing process or cause excessive bleeding.

The majority of patients who have chin implants experience minimal discomfort and downtime. You should plan for at least one week from work, however you’ll likely be able to resume your normal routine at the end of that time. The over-the-counter pain medications, as well as cold compresses, can aid in easing any discomfort that persists.

Final Thoughts

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