A Brief Guide on Recovery After a Tummy Tuck Surgery

If you’re thinking about having a tummy tuck surgery or planning to have one you should think about the process of recovery. Your recovery will depend on many factors, such as your health, age, and weight. It’s also contingent on the kind of tummy tuck surgery you’ve got.

It’s normal to want to get back to normal following your procedure, however, it’s crucial to give your body enough time to recover. It’s possible that you only have to remain in the hospital for a short period following your surgery or your surgeon might require you to stay for a night or more. Once you’ve left the hospital, your recuperation starts. Here’s what you should be aware of.

Timeline for recovery after your Tummy Tuck Surgery

It is important to establish the timeframe for your recovery to ensure you have plenty of healing time and have time off from certain areas that you’re dealing with in your daily life. Make sure that you have the appropriate arrangements and are well-prepared for the recovery phase.

Wearing an abdominal binder for approximately six weeks is crucial. This will help prevent the accumulation of fluid and also helps strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Although the time to recover is typically shorter with an abdominoplasty, you’ll still have to refrain from vigorous activity for at least six weeks. This is a rule that applies to any intense exercise or lifting heavy.

What should you expect to see after your operation?

It is necessary to find someone to take you home from the hospital, and also to take care of your needs for the first few days following the surgery. You’ll be able to shower for up to 48 hours following the time you removed the drainage tubes. You might want to soak in a sponge bath until you are able to shower. It is possible to sit in a chair while showering for a while.

You’ll receive medication that is an antibiotic as well as possibly an anticoagulant. It is possible that you will be prescribed some kind of medication to apply to your skin. Use any pain medicine according to your doctor’s instructions.

Avoid drinking alcohol while using pain medication and stay clear of any type of nicotine for at least six weeks. Smoking is a risk to slow down recovery and could result in complications.

Guidelines for at-home recovery

It’s possible to stay on an inclined bed for the first couple of days following the operation. Keeping your upper body elevated slightly while your knees are bent to an angle will aid in reducing swelling. The placement of pillows beneath your knees will also help reduce abdominal pressure. Your physician may be able to advise you on this.

Continue to move after operation even if it’s just some walking. This will keep your blood flow going and aid in the healing process as well as reducing the chance of developing the formation of blood clots within your leg.

Your surgeon will also instruct you how to locate the best sitting position which is most comfortable. You should rest as much as you can because you might be exhausted for weeks, or months.

It will take several weeks before you’re back to your normal self. It will be difficult to drive or take a drive for several weeks. It is also recommended to restrict intense exercise and physically demanding activities for a period of up to six weeks. Your doctor will guide you on what activities you’re able to do and how time you’ll have to take off from work.

Tips for recovering from Tummy Tuck Surgery

Making sure you are taking steps to ensure a smooth recovery is crucial. It is important to stay as fit as you can throughout this period of time.

Make sure you have a cozy area where you can unwind and be able to meet your needs. Give yourself time to rest for at least 2 weeks, and be sure that you do not force yourself to perform something physically until you’re ready.

Drink plenty of fluids to rid your system of waste and decrease swelling. Keep your diet as healthy as possible. Include as many fresh fruits and veggies as you can.

  • Get vitamins A, vitamin C, and other supplements.
  • Green tea is a great drink to boost the immune system and boost antioxidant levels.
  • Consume an antibiotic supplement.
  • Eat papaya and pineapple for a healthy way to ease bloating and reduce inflammation.
  • Arnica is a great remedy for swelling, bruises, and soreness.
  • Use a staphysagria supplement in order to heal your wound.
  • Get a phosphorus supplement, or consume ginger tea to alleviate nausea.

Bottom line

There’s plenty to think about in terms of recovering from a tummy tuck surgery, however, everything can be accomplished and is doable. It’s just a matter of having to think about and plan for every aspect of the healing process, including the timeline.

It’s a lengthy process, so you should focus on improving each day towards your goal of complete recovery. Always talk to your doctor or nurse should you have any concerns or questions.

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